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Audio Projects
Find the right sound for any audio project. Anything from exhibitions to eBooks and beyond.
$100.00   [License Song]
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Corporate CD/DVD
A great way of getting the right music for your corporate presentations and enhancing your corporate image.
$18.00   [License Song]
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Documentary/Indie/Student Film
Great for low budget projects and short films. A cost effective way of having great music in your film.
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Feature Film
Full length feature films with a wide release.
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Live Events
Great if you’re planning a festival, conference or a party and you need the right music to go along with it.
$39.00   [License Song]
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Music Compilation
If you’re putting together a compilation album, you can find the songs and license them all in one place.
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Sample and Remix
Perfect if you’re working on a track and need some fresh sounds.
$45.00   [License Song]
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Telephony / Music on Hold
Perfect for putting your customers in the right mood while they’re on hold.
$90.00   [License Song]
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TV and Radio Advertising
Get your audience’s attention with the right sound, whether it’s for a short one off radio advertisement or a whole TV advertising campaign.
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TV Show
Find a tremendous selection of original sounds for your show.
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Video Clip/Webisode
If you want to upload videos to the web and have great music in them, this is perfect for you. This is also great to have as part of a web series or “Webisode.”
$9.00   [License Song]
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Video Game
Ideal for getting great music to support the latest video graphic designs, whether you’re designing a flash online video game or a fully fledged game with a wide release.
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Perfect if you’re looking for some great music for your website or your photo slideshow.
$13.00   [License Song]
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